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Doing innovation procurement requires specific knowledge and expertise. Luckily, many resources exist, including guidance, criteria sets and case studies, which can help you on your journey to purchasing innovative goods and services.

In addition, you can visit our 'Services and Expertise' page to find more information on specific projects, initiatives and other services which can support you to do innovation procurement in practice.

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Innovation partnership with a focus on Care / Welfare

Case studiesMedical equipment

The Market Maturation Fund, in collaboration with Albertslund Municipality, Esbjerg Municipality and Frederikssund Municipality, as well as the Danish Competition & Consumer Authority, is testing the new form of tender "Innovation Partnerships" with a focus on Care / Welfare. Background: In connection with the new Public Procurement Act, a completely new form of public procurement called "Innovation Partnerships" was opened up. The innovation partnership gives public parties the opportunity to create innovation and solve problems in a new and more efficient way in collaboration with private suppliers, while the public party has an option to buy the solution afterwards.



Markeds modningsfonden


Innovative patient process (digital home follow-up)

Case studiesMedical equipment

In the project called "Innovative patient process", Østfold Hospital has joined forces with Innovation Norway, Difi and the Supplier Development Program to invite private providers to enter into innovation partnerships, to develop future-oriented solutions and services that enable safe and good home follow-up for cancer patients.



Sykehuset Østfold



ProjectsMedical equipment

The project brings together ten partners from five EU Member States to establish the conditions for health institutions throughout Europe to collaborate in the purchase of innovative health products, services and solutions to promote "ageing well".



Disposable bio-based aprons for Skåne’s healthcare sector

Case studiesMedical equipment

Innovation-oriented public procurement to purchase renewable, bio-based aprons for the health sector in the Swedish region Skåne.



InnProBio consortium


SILVER: Technology with a human touch

ProjectsMedical equipment

The SILVER brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the SILVER project objectives, work, phases of the Pre-Commercial Procurement process and the anatomy of the SILVER call for tender.



SILVER project


Creating the conditions for innovation procurement: Towards a good practice guide

Tools/GuidanceBuildings and constructionMedical equipment

The LCB-Healthcare project aimed to stimulate demand for innovative low-carbon solutions for the healthcare sector by providing procurement decision makers with the knowledge and tools to achieve more sustainable buildings within their budget constraints. This guide disseminates the findings of a workshop help by the LCB proejct.