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Doing innovation procurement requires specific knowledge and expertise. Luckily, many resources exist, including guidance, criteria sets and case studies, which can help you on your journey to purchasing innovative goods and services.

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Reducing urban flood risk through innovation procurement - Frederiksberg

Case studiesInfrastructure

GPP Case Study- Frederiksberg is, like many European cities, challenged by urban flooding. While sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) are a growing practice in city planning, an ideal solution for Frederiksberg’s dense city streets did not yet exist. As such, the municipality decided to use an innovation partnership approach to procure a customised solution.


Europe/EU, Denmark

EC GPP Helpdesk


INNOVATION PARTNERSHIPS: Good advice and experience in implementing innovative development partnerships offering.

ReportsBuildings and constructionInfrastructureGreen spaces

Report providing an overview of lessons learned from the Municipality of Frederiksberg's pilot innovation partnership to procure future rainwater management solutions.


Europe/EU, Denmark

Municipality of Frederiksberg


Public Procurement of Innovation Policy Framework


This Framework describes the partnership and procurement arrangements Rijkswaterstaat wants to use to bring about innovations required to face our rapidly changing world. It also describes the Innovation Agenda - the process used by Rijkswaterstaat to outline which innovations should be given the highest priority.





Water Public Innovation Procurement Policies (Water PiPP)


Water PiPP is about exploring new public innovation procurement methodologies and testing them in the water sector, where European innovation potential is blocked by a number of bottlenecks. The project deals with "Ensuring the integration of water and innovation demonstration projects and support to trans-national networks of procurers" and aims at facilitating real innovation, mobilising public authorities, public and private purchasers, water utilities, networks of cities and regions, the Research and Innovation community related to the water sector. Water PIPP is a collaborative project funded by the European Commission under Framework Programme 7.