29 November 2019

Five ways to increase innovation in public procurement

Five ways to increase innovation in public procurement

Image (Unsplash) by "Bill Jelen", licensed under CCO

A recent article posted on Supply Management emphasized the need for the public sector to apply innovation to public sector processes. Procurement especially holds many entry points for innovation applying, for instance, pre-commercial procurement procedures. The article lists five principles helping to take the leap:

  1. Leadership
  2. Alternative procurement procedures
  3. Boosting public sector innovation
  4. Commercializing innovation
  5. Working with SMEs

ICLEI’s work can help follow these five principles. For example,Innobrokers brings together Buyers with SMEs in five regions in Europe. And Procure2Innovateas a European network of competence centres for innovation procurement helps procurers to advance, boosting public sector innovation. Discover more projects here.