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Doing innovation procurement requires specific knowledge and expertise. Luckily, many resources exist, including guidance, criteria sets and case studies, which can help you on your journey to purchasing innovative goods and services.

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Strategy for the Impulse and Consolidation of the Innovation Procurement in the Public Administration of Andalusia


The Strategy for the Impulse and Consolidation of the Innovation Procurement in the Public Administration of Andalusia is a combination of economic measures and other actions such as awareness, training and the creation of a structure of governance and support of free services, that seek to generate a change towards an administration of innovation, which transmits its long-term needs that requires companies to innovate, promoting research and business innovation through the innovation procurement.



Agencia Andaluza del Conocimiento. Consejería de Transformación Económica, Industria, Conocimiento y Universidades


URBAN AGENDA PARTNERSHIP ON INNOVATIVE AND RESPONSIBLE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT FOR THE EU - The legal framework of responsible and innovation procurement: Put into practice


The purpose of this guide is to explore the practical application of the legal framework that public authorities can use to contribute to innovation and responsibility in procuring public services.



Urban Agenda for the EU


The strategic use of public procurement for innovation in the digital economy


This final report from the European Commission includes EU wide benchmarking of national policy frameworks and investments on innovation procurement across Europe.



European Commission


Public procurement of innovation


Publication on Public procurement of innovation in Poland in the light of new public procurement law including experiences in acquiring innovations, best practices and more.



Public Procurement Office Warsaw


A Comprehensive On-Street Parking Guidance System

Case studiesTransport and vehicles

Cleverciti Case Study: Together with Cleverciti, the energy provider RheinEnergie aimed to improve the quality of life in Cologne (Germany) and reduce emissions in the neighborhood by putting in place an innovative parking management system. ClevercitiSen-sors and LED displays, as well as a mobile app, were introduced to provide real-time, turn-by-turn guidance to drivers, helping them find a parking space in less time.



Battery-powered solutions provide 24/7 electricity to P+R lampposts in Kerken (Germany)

Case studiesTransport and vehiclesEnergy

Cleverciti Case Study: The municipality of Kerken (Germany) wanted to provide commuters and train passengers taking a car to the train station with accurate information about the availability of parking spaces before they arrived. A battery-powered solution developed by Cleverciti solved the problematic lack of 24/7 electricity at six of the eight lampposts.



Refurbishing an old Kindergarten building with minimal environmental impact - Croatia

Case studiesBuildings and construction

GPP Case Study - A good practice example published in the December edition on the GPP News Alert presenting recent work through public procurement of innovation (PPI) carried out in the City of Koprivnica (Croatia).




Innovation partnership with a focus on Care / Welfare

Case studiesMedical equipment

The Market Maturation Fund, in collaboration with Albertslund Municipality, Esbjerg Municipality and Frederikssund Municipality, as well as the Danish Competition & Consumer Authority, is testing the new form of tender "Innovation Partnerships" with a focus on Care / Welfare. Background: In connection with the new Public Procurement Act, a completely new form of public procurement called "Innovation Partnerships" was opened up. The innovation partnership gives public parties the opportunity to create innovation and solve problems in a new and more efficient way in collaboration with private suppliers, while the public party has an option to buy the solution afterwards.



Markeds modningsfonden


Tunnel safety

Case studiesTransport and vehicles

In this development project, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration draws attention to tunnel safety. They challenge the market for solutions that make it possible to detect incidents, provide information about what is happening and help with self-rescue. The development project is one of four innovation partnerships that received funding from Innovation Norway in 2017. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration receives project support in the implementation from Innovation Norway, Difi and the National Program for Supplier Development