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Doing innovation procurement requires specific knowledge and expertise. Luckily, many resources exist, including guidance, criteria sets and case studies, which can help you on your journey to purchasing innovative goods and services.

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State-of-the-Art in Urban Public Lighting


ENIGMA is a FP7 project that aims to implement a joint transnational pre-commercial procurement (PCP) procedure in the field of public lighting. The project’s 5 partner municipalities, lead by Eindhoven, cooperate on procuring innovation. This report introduces the goals and first findings of the Project.



ENIGMA project




ENIGMA is a FP7 project that aims to implement a joint transnational pre-commercial procurement (PCP) procedure in the field of public lighting. Coordinated by the city of Eindhoven, the project’s 5 partner municipalities (Eindhoven, Malmo, Stavanger, Espoo and Bassano del Grappa) cooperate on procuring innovation and testing in a real-life environment the technologies that their commercial subcontractors develop.


Europe/EU, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway


Report on PCP knowledge base


ENIGMA is a FP7 project that aims to implement a joint transnational pre-commercial procurement (PCP) procedure in the field of public lighting. The 5 project partner municipalities cooperate on procuring innovation. This report brings together information, experience and other (practical) contributions on PCP, and provides a synthesized process suitable for across European national boundaries.




Driving energy efficient innovation through procurement - A practical guide for public authorities

Tools/GuidanceICT (information and communication techn.)Transport and vehiclesBuildings and constructionLighting

This guide provides clear steps for public authorities that want to become “innovation-friendly” – that is achieving the most innovative, energy-efficient solutions within their procurement actions, particularly through increased dialogue with suppliers and producers.

English, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish


The SMART SPP consortium, c/o ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability


Procuring energy saving building technologies - Torino

Case studiesEnergyBuildings and construction

In conjunction with the PAPIRUS project, ATC conducted a PPI process to procure technical solutions which improve energy performance. The contract was awarded on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender, weighted according to energy efficiency, sustainability, installation and maintenance and economic criteria.


Europe/EU, Italy



PRACTICAL GUIDE TO PCP - Implementation for PROGR-EAST pilots


This guide illustrates how to implement PCP at the example of the Progr-EAST project which focuses on innovative Procurement techniques to support the growth of competitiveness for public services in Eastern Europe.


Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia

Progr-EAST project Consortium


PICSE project on Cloud Services Procurement

ReportsICT (information and communication techn.)

The Roadmap highlights the existing challenges, barriers and trends in procuring cloud services, including a focus on using pre-commercial procurement to purchase services. The Lessons Learned report describes the experience of thirteen public sector organisations across Europe who have either carried out a process to procure cloud services, or are considering doing so. The experiences vary in terms of success and offer insights into how the procurement of cloud services is impacting on their current processes.



PICSE proejct


Good practice guide to foster R&D and innovation in public procurement


Good practice guide developed by the Catalonian Government aimed at providing recommendations and examples for the correct implementation of PPI practices



Generalitat de Catalunya


ERAPRISM Best Practice Case Studies

Case studies

This report explores small countries' capacity to implement innovative public procurement through the identification and analysis of local case studies in Estonia, Malta, Latvia, Iceland and Slovenia.


Estonia, Latvia, Malta, Slovenia, Iceland