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Doing innovation procurement requires specific knowledge and expertise. Luckily, many resources exist, including guidance, criteria sets and case studies, which can help you on your journey to purchasing innovative goods and services.

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Strategy for the Impulse and Consolidation of the Innovation Procurement in the Public Administration of Andalusia


The Strategy for the Impulse and Consolidation of the Innovation Procurement in the Public Administration of Andalusia is a combination of economic measures and other actions such as awareness, training and the creation of a structure of governance and support of free services, that seek to generate a change towards an administration of innovation, which transmits its long-term needs that requires companies to innovate, promoting research and business innovation through the innovation procurement.



Agencia Andaluza del Conocimiento. Consejería de Transformación Económica, Industria, Conocimiento y Universidades


Design Options Paper for deployment of Green Public Procurement of Innovation


Provides recommendations on possible policy schemes, methodologies and initiatives for the deployment of Green Public Procurement for Innovation in European territories, aligned with smart specialisation strategies, to favour the participation of SMEs in public procurement processes and improve their competitiveness.





Demand and User-driven Innovation Policy: Framework (Part I) and Action Plan (Part II)


Demand and user-driven innovation policy was identified by Finland's national innovation strategy as a key policy area to be developed. This document was created to determine the demand and user-driven innovation policy areas in need of development, and to compile an action plan for the policy area.



Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy

Public Procurement of Innovation Policy Framework


This Framework describes the partnership and procurement arrangements Rijkswaterstaat wants to use to bring about innovations required to face our rapidly changing world. It also describes the Innovation Agenda - the process used by Rijkswaterstaat to outline which innovations should be given the highest priority.





Eco-innovation Action Plan

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Launched by the European Commission in December 2011, the new Action Plan will build on the valuable experience gained to date from its successor (the Environmental Technologies Action Plan) – especially in promoting eco-innovation’s development and uptake across Europe. The EcoAP is a significant step forward for eco-innovation, moving the EU beyond green technologies and fostering a comprehensive range of eco-innovative processes, products and services. The ambitious plan will also focus on developing stronger and broader eco-innovation actions across and beyond Europe.



European Commission, DG Environment


Practical guide to innovative public procurement


The purpose of this new guide is to help buyers build their own way of identifying and capturing this strength of innovation. Built as a toolbox, it wants to be a reservoir of ideas, processes, and think tanks to enrich the practices of the purchasing departments.



Ministère de l'economie et de finances/Ministère du redressement prdouctif


Policy recommendations for boosting eco-innovation


Eco-innovation can be an answer to the question of how to live within the limits of our planet. It can offer viable solutions for supporting economic development, job creation, and recovery from the economic crisis while taking care of the environment. There are still big disparities in eco-innovation performance among EU regions with many facing operational and capability challenges preventing them from making a right choice of policy instruments and methods to implement workable strategies and plans. The analysis of 7 interregional cooperation projects and around 100 good practices shows that in promoting sustainable development in regions via eco-innovation there is a role for regional government, private sector, SMEs, knowledge organisations, clusters, incubators, and civil society organisations. This publication outlines the evidence-based policy recommendations addressed for these various stakeholders.



Interreg IVC


Green Tenders - An Action Plan on Green Public Procurement


The Programme for Government 20111 envisages public procurement as a tool to support innovative Irish firms. In the health and education sectors, the Programme specifically commits to achieving greater value for money in public procurement, for example through greater efficiencies in the construction of facilities and through pooling back-office functions such as ICT procurement. In accordance with these commitments and with the Government’s wider sustainable development objectives, the Irish public sector needs to play an exemplary role in green public procurement (GPP) throughout its spending profile. This Action Plan on GPP – Green Tenders – aims to make that vision a reality.

English, Irish


Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (Ireland)