12 July 2021

New P2I expert opinion document: Strategies to stimulate innovation procurement

A new P2I expert document, discussing the best strategies to stimulate innovation procurement is now available. The document is the result of a knowledge exchange meeting between members of the Procure2Innovate Network that took place in March 2021. The meeting, organised by co-chair PIANOo in collaboration, with Utrecht University aimed to share insights on practices and strategies to stimulate innovation procurement.

The document first explains the relevance of innovation procurement, noting that it allows public organisations to stimulate suppliers to develop innovative solutions. This would enable the public sector to modernise its services and to provide both better solutions for society and growth opportunities for companies.

The paper identifies six key components to stimulate innovation procurement:

  • Formulate public innovation missions
  • Create ownership for innovation
  • Offer support to public organisations
  • Target innovators and early adopters within the public sector
  • Implement a monitoring and evaluation system
  • Use inspiring and motivating language

More details about the role of each of these components can be found in the paper, to be downloaded here.