19 February 2021

New EU competency framework increases professionalisation in innovative public procurement

The EU has introduced ProcurCompEU, a new competency framework for the professionalisation of public procurement. Its aim is to reinforce the strategic role of public procurement for using innovation for the modernisation of public services, and for digital transformation and sustainable growth.

ProcurCompEu defines 30 key competencies, including for innovation procurement, providing a common reference for professionalisation across the EU. Furthermore, it encourages public buyers to develop skills on pre-commercial procurement and public procurement of innovative solutions and to position ICT as strategic sector for economic growth.

The ProcurCompEU main document includes

  • an overview of ProcurCompEU and its use cases
  • a competency matrix which outlines the 30 competences and skills public procurement professionals should have depending on the role they perform
  • a self-assessment tool which public procurement professionals and organisations can use to assess their levels of proficiency and organisational maturity in the competences identified in the competency matrix
  • a generic training curriculum that shows how public administrations can upskill their procurement professionals

More information can be found here.