28 January 2022

PIANOo organises science afternoon for innovation-oriented procurement

On 2 December 2021 Competence Center for Innovation Procurement PIANOo organised “Science Afternoon Innovation-Oriented Procurement”, with speakers from Maastricht University, Utrecht University and Twente University introducing participants to recent scientific research into innovation-oriented procurement. The science afternoon was in English, giving the opportunity to connect the Dutch knowledge to the European network of PIANOo.

The keynote “Green public procurement in European countries; A framework to enhance innovation” was given by Anne Rainville, assistant professor at the Copernicus Institute in Utrecht. She presented a new study looking at contract announcements in European countries to determine the factors associated with green sourcing. The results can be used to inform policies targeting particular sectors, procurement processes and countries where green public procurement (GPP) is lagging.

Robert Suurmond, assistant professor at Maastricht University proceeded to give a presentation on “Unraveling the dimensions of supplier involvement and their effects on new product development performance(NPD)”. His research concludes that extensive supplier involvement has positive effects on the efficiency and effectiveness of NPD. Hereby it is important to note that Suurmond’s research focused on product development in the private market, and on inovation rather than purchasing.

The afternoon ended with a presentation of students from the Master Science and Business Management on Public Procurement from Urecht University. Analysing how often EU member states make use of a design contest as a public procurement procedure, they concluded that The Netherlands is lagging far behind other member states in this regard. In France, for example, the procedure is used 15 times as often as in The Netherlands.

Finally, the Science Afternoon was the last appearance of Floris den Boer as consultant Innovation-Oriented Procurement for PIANOo, before starting as a policy advisor at the Dutch Minstry of Infrastructure and Water Management. He left with a final message to embrace the innovative power of the business community and knowledge institutions for innovation-oriented procurement.

More information about the Science Afternoon can be found here.