20 June 2013

Using standards to drive innovation in the Nordic countries

Using standards to drive innovation in the Nordic countries

Nordic Innovation, an institution working to promote cross-border trade and innovation within the Nordic countries, has launched a call for proposals on developing the links between standards and innovation. Although standardisation is implemented as a means to increase efficiency and reduce cost, often businesses see it as a constraint on their ability to pursue innovation. For business, then, it is crucial to know what standards will support their innovation activities.

The purpose of the call is to develop concrete initiatives that show how standards contribute to innovation. Projects proposed should create new standards, or show how standards can be used to drive innovation within a specific sector, e.g. the building sector, services sector, etc.

Initiatives proposed must keep in mind the European and international perspectives as well as the Nordic perspective, meaning that the project results should be usable at an international level as well. Nordic companies, organisations, research institutes and other organisations are invited to participate. The deadline for the call is 7 October 2013.

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