10 July 2013

EcoQUIP launch collaborative innovation procurement project

EcoQUIP launch collaborative innovation procurement project

The aim of the EcoQUIP project is to improve the efficiency, quality and environmental sustainability of healthcare through innovation procurement. Working with the EcoQUIP coordination team, the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust (UK) is taking an innovative approach to the procurement of a new catering service.

The Trust consulted internal stakeholders and consumer organisations to determine the needs of staff, patients and visitors, and has developed outcome-based requirements for ‘innovative, people centred, low carbon catering’. In December 2012, the Trust launched a Market Sounding, inviting suppliers from all parts of the catering supply chain to respond. The response was encouraging with the supply chain reporting that new and emerging catering service models and innovative technologies have the potential to offer benefits in terms of patient outcomes, efficiency, quality, sustainability and carbon reduction.

Following further engagement with the supply chain at a market information and consultation day, the project team is now preparing a pro-innovation procurement strategy before launching the formal procurement process.

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