13 August 2013

Experience exchange programme seeks hosts organisations

Experience exchange programme seeks hosts organisations

Organisations with experience and expertise in public procurement of innovation (PPI) and pre-commercial procurement (PCP) are invited to act as "host" organisations for the PPI platform's experience exchange programme. Those with little experience but a desire to learn more are invited to apply for a participant position. The experience exchange will see procurers from less experienced organisations travel to advanced organisations to gain a more in-depth understanding of the procurement processes.

As well as developing skills on PPI and PCP by learning from others, participants will also experience new ways of thinking about problems and solutions. Additionally, participants will get the chance to see PPI and PCP in action through field visits. Host organisations will have the opportunity to promote their organisation’s work on PPI and PCP and exchange ideas with committed, enthusiastic individuals.

For those for which price is an issue, a limited number of places will have travel and accommodation expenses covered. The timing of the exchange is flexible, and will be agreed upon by the host and participant organisations.

For more information on applying, click here.