6 August 2013

Cloud computing solutions to be encouraged at public sector level

Cloud computing solutions to be encouraged at public sector level

The CloudforEurope project aims to use Pre-Commercial procurement (PCP) to increase the uptake of cloud computing - the connection of multiple computers through a real-time network (such as the internet) - solutions in the public sector. To do so, the three-year project, which is currently underway, will work with partners to determine how to adopt a well-defined European Cloud Computing Strategy for the Public Sector. The project also aims to remove the obstacles for cloud adoption and to jointly identify requirements from different public organisations.

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, said: "If we seize the opportunity, cloud computing could give the European economy a boost worth up to €250 billion a year. And the benefits for the public sector are particularly promising - offering citizens services that are better, more integrated and more effective, at less cost. So I particularly welcome the cloud-for-Europe initiative, which can boost the uptake of the cloud in the public sector."

PCP is a procurement approach that deals specifically with the procurement of R&D services rather than actual goods and services, and allows public authorities to influence the market towards innovation. The launch conference for CloudforEurope will take place from 14 - 15 November 2013 in Berlin (Germany). The project is funded by the European Commission under its Framework Programme for Research and Innovation and brings together 24 partners from 11 countries.

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