14 November 2019

Nine challenges from public authorities around Europe

Nine challenges from public authorities around Europe

Image (Pixabay) by "Tero Vesalainen", licensed under CC0 License

The Innovation Procurement Brokers (InnoBrokers) project is helping procurers and suppliers from across Europe to engage and discuss opportunities for collaboration. Now, the public authorities working in the project have published nine challenges seeking early-stage ideas for solutions as part of their pre-procurement market engagement.

Agencia Andaluza del Conocimiento (Spain) is looking for a company that can develop and implement an e-infrastructure with the capability to spatially integrate and manage environmental online data, and an intelligent lighting management system for roads using new technologies to adjust and/or adapt the combination of existing technologies. A Danish city and a Danish region are looking for a digital ‘material-passport’ solution that can help data optimisation and support new logistics for collections, sorting, reuse and recycling of post-consumer textile waste. They are also looking for suppliers of circular textiles that can constitute both workwear and flatwear. On the circular textile theme, an Irish County Council is looking to source more sustainable or Circular workwear, specifically, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for outdoor workers. 

A group of Austrian public buyers is looking for an open system for emergency calls for public areas. A German City Council is seeking an industrial partner who can provide smart sensor systems for the city’s waste bins, and a German waste management association is interested in a water turbine for fluctuating loads. The City of Malmö (Sweden) is looking for suppliers who offer indoor lighting as a service with a circular approach.

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