20 November 2019

Sandbox Flanders - 16 challenges calling for innovative solutions

The Flemish Government is looking for innovative solutions for a number of specific business needs. The formulated those needs in the form of challenges such as 'Augmented reality for the child living environment', 'Coordination of transport networks', 'Waste management with an app', 'Simulate the impact of policy decisions' or 'VR experience in urban design'.

Sandbox Vlaanderen revolves around making the Flemish government agile by experimenting more with new technology. The idea behind Sandbox Vlaanderen is to bring together government teams from various policy areas with innovative companies building towards a permanent marketplace. Innovative companies and teams within the Flemish government should easily find each other with the aim for cooperation.

Find out more about the 16 challenges. and learn more about the Sandbox itself and how to get involved.