25 May 2018

Digital transformation of procurement prioritised by Commission

Digital transformation of procurement prioritised by Commission

Image (pixabay.com) by "geralt", licensed under CCO Creative Commons

Digital transformation is a significant trend in public procurement with the potential to radically alter the way public authorities will make future purchases. From e-procurement to outcome-based and data-driven decision making, digital transformation has the potential to increase the efficiency of public services and make public procurement competitions more attractive to bidders.

For that reason, digital transformation was one of the priorities highlighted in the European Commission's public procurement package in October 2017, and will be the subject of a conference organised by the Commission in Lisbon, Portugal on 18 October.

The conference will focus on topics such as getting ready for future waves of technological change and digital innovation, and reaching more public procurers with the benefits of this transformation.

For more information on this upcoming conference, please visit the DG Growth website.