15 October 2020

The Portuguese competence centre promotes expert session on Public Procurement of Innovation

The Portuguese competence centre promotes expert session on Public Procurement of Innovation

Within the scope of the TAFTIE Presidency, held this year by ANI - the Portuguese competence centre on innovation procurement - a webinar with the theme “Public Procurement of Innovation” (PPI) took place on June 9, in virtual format.

How do European innovation agencies act, or can act to support and promote PPI? What services do they offer and what role can they play? These were some of the key questions that guided the various interventions and moments of discussion at the event, which was attended by representatives of the member agencies of TAFTIE; the President of ANI, Eduardo Maldonado; the Responsible for the area of Public Procurement of Innovation at ANI (Portugal), Luís Ferreira; from the Representatives of the Dutch and Spanish Competence Centres, Floris den Boer and Sergio Capitán, respectively, and Fabienne Gautier, member of the European Commission.

During the session, ANI had the opportunity to share its national trajectory in Public Procurement of Innovation and the results of the survey carried out to European innovation agencies on the services provided in support of PPI. The debate also focused on the cases of Innovation Norway, CDTI and RVO/PIANOo, three distinct actions by innovation agencies in promoting public procurement of innovation.

In 2020, ANI took over the presidency of TAFTIE - The European Network of Innovation Agencies - an association that brings together 31 agencies from 28 European countries and represents four international partners - Brazil, South Korea, Japan and Canada. Under the motto “Building Bridges for the Future”, ANI defined four priorities for its presidency: the promotion of internal cooperation, the stimulation of international collaboration (especially with the European Commission), the reaffirmation of TAFTIE's objectives of influence and a better definition of the role of innovation agencies.