20 July 2022

Help shape EU’s policy on Public Procurement of AI

ICF, on behalf of the European Commission, is conducting an exploratory study supporting DG Connect with evidence and operational recommendations to support public procurement of AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems.

The aim of the survey is to collect challenges involved in the procurement of AI, best practices and practical, evidence-based recommendations to provide input for the European Commission on how to support and accelerate the uptake of AI in public procurement. This should help foster public procurement processes via open and transparent sectoral dialogues between public procurers and European industry.

The survey follows The Coordinated Plan on artificial intelligence, reviewed in 2021, which presents an overview of the European Commission and Member States joint actions to make the European public sector a trailblazer for using AI. In this context, public procurement was selected as a case study area that can provide evidence and operational recommendations on the uptake of AI by the public sector.

Completing the survey should take around 15-20 minutes. The survey will be open until 29 July 2022 and can be found here.