4 March 2022

European Commission’s GPP Helpdesk to offer advice on social responsibility

From this year, the Green Public Procurement (GPP) Helpdesk of the European Commission (EC) will not only offer tailored advice and support for actions on environmental and circular procurement – it will also assist procurers in their endeavours to address social responsibility. Established in 2010, the GPP Helpdesk from now on will address both the environmental and social considerations in public procurement.

For the next four years, the GPP Helpdesk will continue to publish the GPP News Alerts, providing insights into latest developments in the field, initiatives, guidance and tools. The newsletter will also continue to feature one or two legally sound good practice cases illustrating how green and social public procurement work in practice. With over 100 editions of the newsletter and over 200 case studies, the GPP News Alert is a great provider of knowledge and inspiration.

The GPP Helpdesk will continue to respond to questions received from practitioners on sustainable procurement. These canbe sent to gpp-helpdesk@iclei.org. In addition, several webinars each year on important topics - the next one will take place on 30 March 2022. See more information on this in the latest GPP News Alert in the section “Zoom in on…GPP Webinar on how to design “MEATFriendly” tenders”.