23 July 2020

Procure2Innovate and InnoBrokers cooperate in an online seminar next July 30

Procure2Innovate and InnoBrokers cooperate in an online seminar next July 30

Two EU-funded projects on innovation procurement are joining forces next July 30 in the online seminar Innovation Procurement Broker – Experiences & Business Model (15:00 - 16:30 CEST). Procure2Innovate is about improving institutional support for public procurers purchasing information and communication technologies (ICT), as well as acquiring products and services from a range of sectors that implement innovation procurement. Whereas InnoBrokers has been facilitating the procurement of innovative goods and services by strengthening the links between public buyers on the demand side and innovative companies on the supply side.

The five pilot regions involved in InnoBrokers - represented by Camilla Raagaard Ernst & Line Bech (Gate21), Leonora Yannakis & Doris Scheffler (Zenit), Lucía Díaz Martín (AAC), Mike McGrath & Mary Ryan (PTI), Hannes Pöcklhofer (OUAG) - will share their key learnings. Public buyers have been supported in the identification of their needs and market analysis and, once ready, connected with SMEs and start-ups able to develop innovative solutions responding to their requirements. And this will be explained in the webinar. Then, Eva Buchinger & Manuela Kienegger (AIT) will introduce the Innovation Procurement Broker (IPB) Business Model.

Then, Marlene Grauer (KOINNO), coordinator of Procure2Innovate, will share expert reflections and open the discussion with the speakers and the audience.

To check the agenda and to register to the event, visit here