20 February 2020

EU releases white paper on artificial intelligence and data strategy

EU releases white paper on artificial intelligence and data strategy

Image (Pixabay) by "Geralt", licensed under CC0 License

The European Commission presented this week the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the European data strategy to show that Europe can set global standards on technological development, while considering people have to be in first place. These two documents are the first pillars of the new digital strategy of the Commission.

For the next five-year period, the European Commission will focus on three key objectives to promote technological solutions that will help Europe pursue its own way towards a digital transformation that works for the benefit of people and respects our fundamental values:

  • Technology that works for people
  • A fair and competitive economy; and
  • An open, democratic and sustainable society

The EU's digital strategy defines an ambitious approach towards digital technological development, as well as how technology will be used to meet climate-neutrality objectives. Digital technologies are considered to be a critical enabler for the Green Deal, the EU's new growth strategy to become the world's first climate-neutral continent by 2050. The EC has also stressed that for digitalisation to deliver its benefits, the ICT sector needs to undergo its own green transformation.

The required investments to fund AI and data proposals will come from the Digital Europe programme (DEP), the Connecting Europe Facility 2 and Horizon Europe. For Horizon Europe, the Commission proposed to invest €15 billion in the ‘Digital, Industry and Space' cluster, with AI as a key activity to be supported,

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