6 June 2013

HAPPI website identifies innovations that benefit the elderly

HAPPI website identifies innovations that benefit the elderly

HAPPI (Healthy Ageing - Public Procurement of Innovations) is a European project which aims to identify innovative products and services in the field of “ageing well”. Funded by the European Commission, HAPPI addresses the challenges of the demographic change in Europe by putting in place procurement contracts that will benefit healthcare organisations, hospital staff, the elderly and their families.

The HAPPI project website will keep industry and healthcare professionals informed about the project and key events, including information days to be held in major European cities from September 2013, starting in London (United Kingdom). The website also provides manufacturers, suppliers and healthcare organisations with detailed information on the project, its objectives, milestones and members. Additionally, it allows manufacturers and suppliers to register their interest in the project and receive updates.

From September 2013, suppliers and manufacturers will be able to access an online platform via the HAPPI website where they will have the opportunity to confidentially submit information on their innovative solutions for caring for an ageing society and maintaining health in old age. Before this, they can register their expressions of interest in the project on the website. The HAPPI project is run by 11 strategic partners from seven European countries that are a mixture of healthcare central purchasing organisations, innovation and SME experts and academics. The HAPPI project is also on twitter - follow the project at www.twitter.com/HAPPI_Project.

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