8 March 2021

Co-develop innovative solutions towards carbon-neutrality

Co-develop innovative solutions towards carbon-neutrality

Image (Pixabay) by Author , licensed under CC0

In the framework of the European Innovation Council (EIC) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions project, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability has the opportunity to support three regions in their transition towards carbon neutrality, by co-developing best cost-effective solutions together with a group of innovative EIC SMEs. The collaborative process will be facilitated by a pool of experts (e.g. business facilitators, greenhouse gas emission experts, tech advisors), in order to generate the highest possible impact in terms of GHG emissions reduction and business competitiveness. 

ICLEI is currently recruiting three regions with needs and challenges that require climate friendly and innovative solutions.

Selected regions will:

  • participate in co-creation activities that can address region specific challenges for reducing GHG emissions, while helping the EIC beneficiaries to adapt existing/invent new products and services towards this goal
  • find suitable opportunities of network for potential symbiosis with organisations that aim at reducing GHG emissions

Regions should meet the following criteria in order to participate:

  • Challenges should require highly innovative solutions which are currently not available on the market
  • Solution has to contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions
  • Level of commitment to work with EIC companies on climate friendly solutions and to give regular feedback

Are you interested in this unique opportunity? Get in touch with Rafael Hirt (rafael.hirt@iclei.org) for more information on regions’ participation in the EIC GHG project and to express your interest! 


The new GHG programme carried out by the European Innovation Council works towards reaching the ambitious goals set out in the European Green Deal towards carbon neutrality by investing in cutting-edge research and innovation.

ICLEI supports partnership building between the EIC Community members and public procurers interested in working with EIC SMEs; and manages the recruitment and participation of procurers interested in working with innovators on the EIC Community Platform.