29 August 2013

France develops new guidelines for procurement of innovation

France develops new guidelines for procurement of innovation

The French government has issued new guidelines on the procurement of innovation for those working in the French public sector. It highlights the importance of purchasing innovation as a strategy to aid economic growth and prosperity, through rationalising supply chains, using cost-efficient methods and seeking sustainable alternatives.

The document notes that although it is tempting in times of economic crisis to rely on models and products that are already well known and that have been proven to work, investing in innovation can be a win-win strategy. Lack of investment in innovation by either the private or public sectors can lead to inflexible markets that do not respond effectively to the needs of buyers and sellers, it claims.

Purchasing innovation can be a method by which the public sector can stimulate economic activity and growth, the guide explains. Investment in innovation can create opportunities for small and medium enterprises to grow their businesses and act as suppliers for local or regional public sector agencies. Strategies that can be used to support the procurement of innovation can be found in the resource centre on the Innovation Platform’s website.

For more information, click here [in French].