11 September 2013

New members welcome in Sustainable Construction Interest Group

New members welcome in Sustainable Construction Interest Group

The Sustainable Construction Interest Group operating on the PPI Platform, slated to close with the end of the SCI-Network, will remain active as part of the EU iNSPiRe project. The group’s popularity and benefit to users led to the decision. As a result of the changeover, the group will take on a slightly different format. From September 2013 onwards the number of members will be reduced to foster greater interaction and networking among participants.

The group provides a forum for those working in the field of construction in the public sector and public procurement (procurers, architects, engineers, building managers, planners) to exchange experiences, share expertise, develop partnerships, and develop innovative products and approaches with private and public sector partners. Those interested in joining can contact marlene.grauer@iclei.org.

The iNSPiRE project aims to address the problem of high-energy consumption by producing renovation packages that can be applied to a wide range of buildings. All information gathered will be fed into a database, which will be made accessible to industry professionals. The project will run for four years.

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