Past Events

28 November 2013 - The Hague, Netherlands

Experience Exchange Programme for PPI and PCP

The PPI Platform is providing a number of opportunities for public authorities to further expand their PPI and PCP skills. Several one-day training sessions will be held across Europe, each focused on the practical side of implementing procurement of innovation. High-level experts will impart advice, and specially develop training materials will be provided. The first is scheduled to take place on 28 November in The Hague (Netherlands), at the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Additionally, an experience exchange will be held between public authorities. The exchange will see procurers from less experienced organisations travel to advanced organisations to gain a more in-depth understanding of the procurement processes.

As well as developing skills on PPI and PCP by learning from others, participants will also experience new ways of thinking about problems and solutions. Additionally, participants will get the chance to see PPI and PCP in action through field visits. Benefits for host organisations include the opportunity to promote their work on PPI and PCP, and the chance to exchange ideas with committed, enthusiastic individuals.

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