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14 October 2014 - Hungary - The Regional Environmental Center, H-2000 Szentendre Ady E. ut 9-11 (25km from Budapest)

How to procure innovation effectively?

How to procure innovation effectively?

On behalf of the European Commission, the Procurement of Innovation Platform project is organising a series of training sessions to provide both a theoretical framework and more practical advice on implementing public procurement of innovation (PPI). The seminar will be held in Hungary on 14 October 2014 and is aimed mainly at experts and procurers from the Central and Eastern European region.

Participation in the training is free of charge and on a case-by-case basis travel and accommodation for participants may be covered.

The training package is specifically tailored to meet different needs, and is suitable for both beginners and those with more experience. The latest PPI support tools will be introduced and discussed, and specific aspects of innovation and procurement, such as criteria setting or pre-procurement aspects, will be explored. Specially developed materials will also be provided and experts will be on hand to give advice.

If you are directly involved in procurement within a public authority and are interested in developing your skills, this training is an excellent opportunity. The one day training is free of charge and will consist of approximately 15 participants each. We strive for a balance of international participants, so invite people from across Europe to participate. The costs for travel and accommodation may be covered on a case-by-case basis

To apply, please send an email with your contact details to Applicants are selected on a first-come, first-served basis!

Training is open for public servants working as policy makers, project managers and procurers. a maximum of two applicants per organisation are accepted. (The organisers reserve the right to reject applications to the training)