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16 November 2021, 14:00 - 16:00 -

Big Buyers Observer Group Webinar

Big Buyers Observer Group Webinar

Image (unsplash) by "Nick Fewings", licensed under CC0

Big Buyers for Climate and Environment is an European Commission initiative designed to help drive market demand for innovative and sustainable products and services in Europe. The four active working groups on zero-emission construction sites, Circular ConstructionHeavy-Duty Electric Vehicles and Digital solutions in the Healthcare sector have been gathering together to find common demand and jointly approaching the market for innovative and sustainable solutions to their challenges for almost a year now.

Curious to find out about their lessons learned so far? The Observer Group webinar will give the opportunity to gain a closer look into their work. 

Save the date for Tuesday, 16 November, 14.00-16.00 and don’t forget to register!


Welcome & introduction by the Big Buyers Secretariat [14:00 - 14.15]
● Simon Clement, ICLEI
● Ivo Locatelli, European Commission, DG Grow

Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles [14:15 - 14.35]
● Working group update - Richard Brabers, City of Rotterdam
● Q&A

Zero-emission construction sites [14:35 - 14.55]
● Working group update - Guro Bøe Wensaas, City of Oslo
● Q&A

Circular construction [14:55 - 15.15]
● Working group update - Rudie de Vries, City of Haarlem
● Q&A

Digital Healthcare [15:15 - 15.35]
● Working group update - Rafael Hirt, ICLEI
● Q &A

Concluding remarks [15:35 - 15:40]
Opportunity for further discussion with working group leads [15:40 - 16:00]