Past Events

15 January 2019 -

Upscaling Hydrogen Gensets in European Cities

Upscaling Hydrogen Gensets in European Cities

ICLEI Europe, in cooperation with the EVERYWH2ERE project, is organising a city-oriented workshop on “Upscaling Hydrogen Genets in European Cities”. The event will highlight modern Fuel Cell and Hydrogen (FCH) technologies as clean alternatives to fossil fuel generators in providing energy for construction sites, festivals, harbours and other temporary urban events.

With European cities driving the decarbonisation of transport, urban heating and cooling, industries and services forward, the workshop will focus on how FCH technologies as a clean alternative to diesel-based generator equipment can support cities in reaching their climate and energy targets, reduce emissions and noise and increase air quality.

This workshop will offer:

  • an understanding of how hydrogen generator sets (gensets) can be a viable alternative to diesel generators
  • a platform to exchange on the necessary regulatory frameworks for deploying hydrogen gensets in city areas
    the opportunity to speak about and promote your own innovative decarbonisation measures
  • The workshop will also serve as an entry point for becoming part of the EVERYWH2ERE Regions & Cities Interest Group to explore options for hosting hydrogen generator sets and to profit from tools and long-term recommendations generated throughout the project.

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