Past Events

20 - 22 April 2016 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Circular Procurement: the next step

Circular Procurement: the next step

From 20-22 April 2016 the Dutch Government, Rijkswaterstaat, will host an international congress named 'Circular Procurement: the next step' in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). The congress will bring together policy makers and practitioners from all levels within the public sector with suppliers and representatives from around the world. Participation in the event is free.

The congress is organised in collaboration with the UNEP Programme on Sustainable Public Procurement and ICLEI, as well as the EU projects REBUS, SPP Regions, GPP2020 and the Dutch Green Deal Circular Procurement. It aims to promote international cooperation through concrete action, by demonstrating the powerful link between sustainable procurement and the path towards a more circular economy.

The event will include workshops workshops on circular indicators, monitoring, and business models; group discussions on circular procurement and next steps for implementation; and networking opportunities including a dinner and tour of Amsterdam's canals.

Registration will open in January 2016. For more information, contact