Past Events

30 November - 1 December 2015 - Berlin, Germany

Joint & Collaborative Procurement: Sourcing, Supply & Contract Management

Joint & Collaborative Procurement: Sourcing, Supply & Contract Management

Joint Procurement is an effective means to combine the procurement activities of different contracting authorities and thereby to safe costs due to lower prices and administrative cost savings. Furthermore, joint procurement enables the pooling of skills and expertise, which is especially useful when procuring innovative goods and services.

Joint Procurement is not new; however, many public authorities are lacking the knowledge and experience of performing joint purchasing activities. Moreover, the revised EU procurement directive has introduced a number of new rules that public authorities need to familiarize with.

As such, this intensive workshop will provide an overview of the new legal framework for joint procurement and acquaints participants with practical knowledge on organizational aspects of joint procurement and contract management, the execution of a collaborative procurement project, the tender process as well as risk assessment and remedies. Various case studies and real-life examples will provide practical knowledge and offer the possibility to exchange experiences and discuss your individual questions.

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