Past Events

16 - 17 June 2014 - Brussels, Belgium

GreenXpo Dialogue on Eco-Innovation

GreenXpo Dialogue on Eco-Innovation

Policy makers, practitioners in economic development and experts in eco-innovation are all invited to a Dialogue on Eco-Innovation, taking place in Brussels on June 16 and 17 2014.

The workshop forms part of the greenXpo project, which promotes eco-innovation in Europe's key industrial sectors through products such as the InnovationSeeds portal, a user-friendly source of knowledge and case studies on procurement of eco-innovation.

The overall objective of the Dialogue on Eco-Innovation is to create and promote a cross-stakeholder knowledge exchange with the aim of greening value chains within the industrial sector. Participants will be invited to exchange views on a variety of topics, including innovation for greening industrial value chains, the take-up of eco-innovation in regional strategies (including public procurement) and how regional public authorities and intermediary organisations can promote the uptake of eco-innovation in industrial sectors.

Other issues under discussion include opportunities and barriers for eco-innovation along the value chain, reasons for including eco-innovation within regional strategy priorities and overcoming difficulties this might bring up, and the best public support service tools available to help the development of eco-innovation.

Further information, including information on how to register, and the full agenda, is available here.