Past Events

21 February 2018, 14.30 - 15.30 -

Webinar on the circular economy in ICLEI cities and regions

In preparation for the ICLEI World Congress in Montreal (Canada), June 2018, this webinar (21 February, 14:30-15:30 CET) will investigate the role cities and regions can play in achieving the circular economy at the local level.

It will showcase experience from participants of the Procura+ Network and Global Lead Cities on Sustainable Procurement Network: Ghent (Belgium), Oslo (Norway) and Montreal. It will also feature experience from the social enterprise Circle Economy, which developed a circular economy plan based on urban metabolism studies for Amsterdam(Netherlands), Glasgow (UK) and the Flemish region.

Contributors to this webinar include:

Taking the circular economy to the city level – Roman Mendle, Smart Cities Program Manager at ICLEI World Secretariat.

Building synergies for a circular economy in Montreal – Josée Chiasson, Director of the Economic Development Branch at the City of Montreal.

Closing the loop through circular consumption and procurement in Oslo – Siri K. Bellika, Partnership on Circular Economy in the Urban Agenda for the EU and special consultant at Agency of waste management at the City of Oslo.

Co-creating circularity in Ghent: A commons-based approach – Jorn Verbeeck, Director Environment and Climate Agency, Department Sustainable Urban Development and Entrepreneurship at the City of Ghent.

The circular transition in the Americas – Kevin de Cuba, Director of the Circular Economy Platform of the Americas and Senior Fellow at the Worldwatch Institute.

Material flow analysis for more circular cities – Annerieke Douma, Director Program and Business Development at Circle Economy.

Online registration available here.