Past Events

13 January 2016 - Rotterdam, Netherlands

EcoQUIP study tour and peer-learning workshop

EcoQUIP study tour and peer-learning workshop

Erasmus Medical Centre, in partnership with the EcoQUIP project, invites procurers and suppliers in the health sector to a study tour featuring the VMRC bed and mattress cleaning facility, now installed in the new hospital building. Partners from the EcoQUIP spin-off project, EPP-eHealth and experts in innovation procurement will be in attendance. The VMRC bed cleaning facility is the outcome of an innovation procurement project supported by the European Commission under the EcoQUIP project. The project won the Public Procurement of Innovation Award in 2014.

The study tour will include a site visit to see the facility in operation and you will hear first-hand about the experience of the procurer and supplier in using innovation procurement to deliver better, cost-effective and more environmentally sustainable outcomes. An EcoQUIP peer-learning workshop will look in more detail at key aspects of the project's success.

It will also be an opportunity to hear about some inspirational projects leading to transformation of services and introduction of innovative solutions. The event will provide a forum to discuss and identify opportunities for collaboration and future innovation procurement projects enabled through Horizon 2020.

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