Past Events

11 - 13 June 2013 - London, United Kingdom

Impacts and Innovation

Impacts and Innovation

The Impacts and Innovation conference will focus on how standards are using new approaches to take the next great leap towards addressing the world’s most pressing sustainability issues. The conference will also look at ways for sustainability standards to scale up their impact.

Before the conference begins, a unique full-day training workshop is being offered on 11 June to standard-setters of the ISEAL community. ISEAL experts will speak on a range of topics that cover the essentials of an effective and impactful standards system.

A networking evening will be held on 11 June, allowing participants the opportunity to interact with the diversity of organisations in the sustainability standards movement.

Sessions held on 12 June will cover topics such as working together on deepening poverty alleviation, using pioneering technology to engage producers and supply chain actors and bring about “radical transparency”, collaborating to make certification more efficient and accessible and much more.

13 June is the Community Day of the conference, a special opportunity for ISEAL members and subscribers to convene on issues of common interest and learn how impacts and innovation are driving each other’s work.

Registration for the conference is available online.