Past Events

11 - 12 December 2013 - Brussels, Belgium

3rd Enprotex/Sm@rtfire Conference

3rd Enprotex/Sm@rtfire Conference

Enprotex Foundation and the Smart@fire project team are holding the third Enprotex Conference on 11 and 12 December 2013. This year's theme is 'Meet the procurers'. Participants will be gain more in-depth knowledge of the world of personal protective equipment and protective textiles.

Topics such as new and existing standards will be discussed, as well as test methods, technologies and projects in this area of expertise. Furthermore, there is a unique networking opportunity in connection with this, making it possible for public procurers, the protective textile industry, the academic world, and end users to exchange views and establish contacts.

The conference will consist of three parts; a presentation of existing and new standards, test methods and technologies in the field of personal protective equipment; concrete information on the Smart@fire project and similar European Commission projects, and how to take part in these as a public procurer or as a provider; and a networking event including a reception and gala dinner.

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