Procura+ Awards - Rewarding innovative procurement

The Procura+ Awards highlight sustainable and innovation procurements and tender procedures and

give visibility to the most dynamic, forward-looking and innovative public authorities and their initiatives.

The winners of the Procura+ Awards have strong potential for replication and scaling up and are an excellent source of recognition and inspiration for any public authority using using sustainable and innovation procurement instruments to purchase cutting edge solutions.

Applications for the Procura+ Awards 2020 have closed on April 30. For more information visit here.

Between 2018 and 2021, the Procura+ awards are supported by the Procure2Innovate project.


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- 2019 -

Innovation Procurement of the Year

Recognising the outstanding innovation of the procurement and the public authority as a launch customer

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash


Innovation partnership for decentralised cloudburst management

Frederiksberg needed to reduce the load on its existing drain network and used an innovation partnership to develop customised solutions for cloudburst management. The municipality held a market dialogue to inform interested market actors about the upcoming procurement and the Innovation Partnership process.

Two consortia developed useable products and solutions that the city can procure, with constant improvement built into the contract. Both solutions catch rainwater and release it when the sewers are ready. The underground basins also use the stored rainwater to water trees and green areas, reducing operation and maintenance including time, water, fuel for the trucks and CO2.

Photo by Reed Mok on Unsplash


Sustainable innovation for a retro stadium

Outstanding Innovation Procurement in ICT

Recognising the outstanding application of Procurement of Innovation and Pre-commercial procurement of ICT

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Open cloud data storage innovation through pre-commercial procurement

Ten public research organisations from seven European countries have joined forces in a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) to meet the demands of large scale scientific projects for big data storage and analysis tools. The consortium requires a service that is more adaptable to changing needs, provides a cloud-based system designed specifically for science and research, increases standardisation, benefits from economies of scale, and offers appropriate service payment models for research bodies using it. The result of the multi-stage PCP process was the pilot Helix Nebula Science Cloud. This cloud-based system makes it possible to host the service in new data centres with excellent power usage effectiveness. The services will be made accessible to a broader set of public research and higher education bodies, supporting future cutting edge research.  

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Robotization and automation of library services

Award Ceremony

The Procura+ Award Ceremony took place at the Nordic Edge Expo on September 24. Find all information here.

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Previous Procura+ Awards 

Innovation Procurement of the Year 
Winner - City of Rotterdam - Netherlands

Making the city accessible for citizens with special mobility needs

Runner-up - City of Cork - Ireland

Winner - Ministry of Defence - Netherlands

Procurement of textiles from recycled fibres

Runner-up - City of Lahti - Finland
Winner - Transport for London - UK

Supply of Energy Efficient Luminaries and Lamps

Runner-up - Galician Public Healthcare Service - Spain